Posture & Breathing Workshop

Members of the Forest Flute Choir and The Royal Forest of Dean Orchestra attended a breathing and posture workshop on Saturday at Viney Hill Physiotherapy. The session was designed and led by Pip Deave who introduced the musicians to the Pilates method which concentrates on posture, breathing and core stability, all of which are vital for musicians to improve technique and avoid the aches and pains often associated with long periods of practice and performance. Pip advised and tutored the musicians on how to achieve the best posture and gave tips on performance. The musicians also experimented with different aids for help with sitting and finally learnt how to strengthen their postural muscles. Fiona Crawley, founder of the flute choir said, ‘it was an excellent session; I revised some things I had forgotten and learned lots of new ones. Thanks to Pip for giving us such a tailored session. It was most enjoyable and extremely useful.’


Members of the Flute Choir and Royal Forest of Dean Orchestra at the workshop

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